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ProQ is an education mobile app for action-based learning using gamification. Content is value-driven and principle-based. It is designed for busy individuals on the move to keep abreast of developments within their industries and areas of interest. ProQ helps to develop and engage your people, and turn learning into your most important business asset. With the ProQ Administration Panel, you have the ability to centralize, distribute and manage online courses, test progress through quizzes and tournaments and measure results through dashboards and custom analytics. With the ProQ App, users have access to multiple learning content at their finger tips.

Establish a Learning Environment

Create bite-sized learning content through the ProQ Administration Panel. Place off-the-shelf or in-house developed learning content at your learner's fingertips. ProQ’s Content Management feature allows your organization's L&D administrators.....

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Analyse The Impact of Learning

Track and measure the impact that your training program is having on your learning journey. ProQ’s built-in learning analytics engine provides deeper insights into your learning programmes so you can demonstrate value, maximise your resources and.....

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Gamification in business is more than just learning games for adults. By applying game-based learning, you can leverage your workforce’s competitive nature while increasing learning engagement and, therefore, knowledge retention. ProQ allows you.....

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Plan & Deliver Targeted Trainings

House all learner training data in a single platform. Create personalized learning paths for your learners to engage. Drive higher course completion rates through unique communication and notifications.Send out real-time notifications on.....

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Key Product Features

ProQ consists of a Web-based Administrations Panel for learning providers to manage learning content, learning journeys and users. The ProQ apps allow learning to access latest learning content on the go, and engage through gamified learning.

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